Christopher Smith CFL-1/USAW 1

Chris has spent over a decade serving people in their pursuit of fitness and health. He has also invested over 20 years in equipping individuals to lead more balanced lives in general. His love of serving people expanded in 2008 when he and his wife began doing CrossFit and fell in love with the concept of coupling fitness with community.

This love has led to his study of human performance and health through multiple avenues. Chris has spent hours pursuing certifications through CrossFit, USA Weightlifting, and Opex Fitness, while also taking classes on nutrition, programming and life coaching. He holds both masters and doctoral degrees.

Chris believes that CrossFit creates opportunities for individuals of all ability levels to discover their potential while having fun with a community of people who are supportive and encouraging. These discoveries will transfer to their daily lives as they build confidence and feel better about themselves overall.

Chris also knows the demands of both the competitive CrossFit athlete and of the normal father/husband. He has competed as a top 200 CrossFit Masters athlete in the world while balancing responsibilities as the father of 5. He hopes you will take the next step of contacting CrossFit 66 to get started.

Aaron Schnider – CFL2 certified

As a lifelong athlete, Aaron spent much of his youth training in martial arts. He reached the level of 2nd degree black belt and at 18 had trained and mentored over 100 students.

In 2004, Aaron joined the Navy. Throughout his naval career, he served as a PT instructor in every division he was assigned to. He was fortunate to be stationed just a short drive from Crossfit HQ where he was introduced to Crossfit and was immediately hooked. After completing his service with the military, Aaron returned home to Yukon and found a family at Crossfit 66. He is now a Crossfit Level 2 instructor and has been coaching at CF66 for over 6 years.

To Aaron, Crossfit has been about much more than just being fit. It has been, and continues to be, a path of self-discovery. It has been a daily opportunity to learn more about yourself and what you are capable of. It’s that feeling of moment of success (and failure) during an Olympic lift, the agonizing grind of a long workout, and all the moments in between. More than anything, though, it’s about the fellowship of a group of friends of all ages coming together with different backgrounds but the same goal of living healthier lives. If there was one thing he’d want to say to anyone considering walking through those doors, it would be “We are more than a gym. We are a family…and we all are really, really excited to meet you.”

Kelly Zepeda CFL-2/USAW 1

Kelly was not an athlete growing up. She worked out occasionally on her own but nothing consistent and no formal training.

After her first 2 children were born she was looking for a place to workout and spend some time with other adults.

She had a family friend that owned a CrossFit gym at the time, not knowing what CrossFit was, she went to her first class and has loved the encouraging environment ever since.

About a year later she became a coach. After 6 years at CrossFit 66, her gym has become part of her family and looks forward to meeting new people everyday.

Kelly now has certifications through CrossFit and USA weightlifting. She is a mother to 4 children, a wife to Sinue and has a degree in Elementary Education.

Kristie Sproul CFL-1/USAW-1

Kristie and her husband are two of the longest standing members of CrossFit 66. Her investment of time and energy in the 66 family has given her a great perspective on what it is like for others to take that first step in the doors.

Kristie came reluctantly her first time. Wanting to find a healthy outlet for the two of them her husband talked her in to coming. What did she find? A community of people looking to get stronger and healthier. Her hesitancy turned to excitement over the first months as she gained strength and confidence. As she became more involved her enjoyment turned into a desire to help others through the same stages she had been through.

As she discovered, being pushed out of comfort zones can be extremely beneficial to our lives. Becoming a coach has not only done that for her but has given her opportunity to help others increase their confidence which transfers to other areas of their lives. It is a great feeling to see yourself in a positive light.

Kristie looks forwards to continuing her journey in health and fitness while encouraging and serving others to do the same thing.

Alex Dimitrov – CFL1 certified

I think the best way to describe me is to use the well known phrase “dynamite comes in small packages”. Everything about my personality is larger than life in spite of only being 5’4″.

At the age of nine I read “Rogue Warrior” by Dick Marcinko and decided that I wanted to become a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces. The dream met with a lot of skepticism from those around me but it never slowed me down.

I immigrated to the United States when I was fifteen years old as a foreign exchange student, stayed on a astudent visa to attain my Bachelor’s degree and took the biggest step to attaining my goal, I enlisted.

Not long after enlistment I was deployed to Camp Bucca in Iraq for a year. White there I came in contact with CrossFit for the first time and I was hooked. Whatever free time I had in Iraq was devoted to two things: writing/talking with my fiance and working out.

I am still working on my goal to be accepted to Special Forces, CrossFit is helping me attain that goal and I want to help others with their dreams. Be it three minute Fran or getting through selection, I want to share my passion and conviction with others.