Getting Started

How to get started at CrossFit 66

First: Please take a look at What is CrossFit, if interested in finding out more and getting started at CrossFit 66. Once you’ve taken a look at the information here and you’re ready to find out more about CrossFit 66 please contact us by email or phone, and we’ll set up a free intro session.

Second: Once you’ve attended the ‘Intro Class’ you can begin CrossFit 66 group class.

Some students may need or want to go beyond the minimum intro class. This will be determined by both the coach and the student.

Third: After completing step two you will then participate in CrossFit WODs in a group setting. The dynamics of the group are one of strength, encouragement, motivation and plain fun. Classes are set up as follows:

0-10 minutes – general warm-up
10-20 minutes – WOD specific warm-up
20-45 minutes – daily WOD
45-60 minutes – cool down