Meet The Coaches

Kristie Sproul

coach kristie
Kristie Sproul CFL-2/USAW-1 (Owner)

Kristie and her husband Phillip started going to CrossFit 66 in 2010. Her investment of time and energy in the 66 family has given her a great perspective on what it is like for others to take that first step in the doors.

Kristie was nervous every time they walked in the door that first couple of months. Slowly, she gained confidence and strength through a community of people looking to get stronger and healthier. As she became more involved her nervousness turned to excitement and a desire to help others through the same stages she had been through.

As she discovered, being pushed out of comfort zones can be extremely beneficial to our lives. Becoming a coach in 2015 has given her the opportunity to help others increase their confidence which transfers to other areas of their lives. Kristie now has certifications through CrossFit and USA Weightlifting.

Kristie looks forward to continuing her journey in health and fitness while encouraging and serving others to do the same.

Wes Gillespie

coach Wes
Wes Gillespie CFL-2

Wes joined CrossFit 66 in 2017, and since then, he has fully embraced physical fitness and performance as a way of life. With a commitment to challenging the mind and body, Wes sets an inspiring example for others to follow. In addition to his role as an Officer in the Army Reserves and other government duties, he holds the distinction of being a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer. Currently, he is in the process of completing the U.S. Army Master Fitness Course. When you train with Coach Wes, be prepared for a challenge – his dedication to pushing limits is contagious.


Drew Behrens

Drew Behrens CFL-1

Drew started at CrossFit 66 shortly after getting married in the summer of 2017. With a background in sports and fitness (B.S. Kinesiology-Exercise/Fitness Management), Drew was looking for something with more variety and excitement than a traditional strength program so as to maintain consistency and dedication. After seeing the CrossFit games many times on television, he decided to give it a shot, and quickly found that the competitiveness and continuously varied classes were just what he was missing in a fitness program.

The goal of getting back into shape quickly turned into a passion for CrossFit after competing in his first CrossFit Open in 2018. From that point forward Drew became a very active member of the 66 family and has attended daily classes ever since. This passion became a desire to help others achieve their goals and to add to the second family he found in the gym.

Drew is married to Monique and has two daughters, Olivia and Emery.

Jordan Corn

coach jordan
Jordan Corn CFL-1

Jordan began his CrossFit journey in 2018. While searching for a gym where functional fitness and strength training was the priority, he found CrossFit 66. Jordan is full time Police Officer in the Oklahoma City metro area. He continues to make the priority of his classes functional fitness and overall health & wellness, continuing and evolving that passion he found in CrossFit 66!

Jordan’s wife, Jessica, and their daughter Ellison are at the gym daily and love the family atmosphere they have found at CrossFit 66. Drop In on one of Jordan’s classes and prepare to push yourself and enjoy the process of starting or continuing your health & wellness lifestyle!